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Bathroom Resurfacing

More or less every part of a home wears out over time, and so do the bathrooms. The surface of the tiles loses its lustre and often becomes rough. Bathtubs can end up with a worn and chipped surface too. In such cases, many homeowners opt for a full bathroom renovation. While that is certainly an option, bathroom resurfacing would be much cheaper. We, at Perfect Bathroom Kitchen, happen to be a leading resurfacing company operating in Sydney. Our professionals can expertly resurface your bathroom to give it a pristine fresh look.

What Is Bathroom Resurfacing?

Resurfacing essentially refers to adding a new surface over the existing one. For bathrooms, this is necessary especially in case of the tiles and the bathtubs. Also known as bathroom refinishing, this is a great way to give your bathroom a brand-new look without expensive renovations. Generally, professionals create the new surface by spraying a layer of special paint over the surface. One of the notable properties of this paint is its long-lasting nature. They can last for up to more than a decade with ease.

Bathroom Resurfacing Sydney – Why It’s The Smart Option

Among the various parts of a bathroom that may require resurfacing, the bathtub deserves a special mention. The bathtub undergoes enormous wear and tear on a daily basis. Some of the ways in which the surface of a bathtub suffers damages are:

  • In winter, the surface of a bathtub becomes quite cold. When you turn on hot water, it causes sudden temperature changes on the surface. This causes damage to the surface of the bathtub.
  • We use a variety of personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, bath oils, etc. while bathing. Over time, these substances, together with various body fats corrode the surface of the bathtub.
  • Cleaning agents that people use to clean their bathtubs contain a variety of chemicals. These have a corrosive effect on the surface of the bathtub too.
  • Even water can damage the bathtubs over time. If you leave water in the bathtub for too long, it would start to damage the surface. Dripping water from leaky taps can stain the surface too.

With so many ways in which the surface of a bathtub can suffer damages, it is impossible to entirely avoid the need for resurfacing. Eventually, the bathtub would require resurfacing at some point of time and that is when you would need our professional services.

Bathroom tile resurfacing

The tiles on the walls or the floor of the bathroom often lose their shine and require resurfacing. At other times, homeowners simply want to replace the old-fashioned colourful looks with a pristine white colour. Either way, resurfacing is a much more cost-effective and practical solution compared to a renovation. Our professionals would carry out a deep clean and then spray the surfaces with a coat of enamel. It would give the whole bathroom a grand and classy look. To hire our quality bathroom resurfacing Sydney services, call Perfect Bathroom Kitchen at 1800 931 813. We would get the job done at the soonest.

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