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Transform the look, style, and textures of the different surfaces in your kitchen without the hassle, cost, and mess of stripping and replacing them by getting our expert team here at Perfect Bathroom & Kitchen to provide you with the best kitchen resurfacing in Sydney. From your kitchen cupboards to cabinetry, you can have our tested-and-proven kitchen resurfacing experts give them the beautiful refreshment you want without paying a dollar more than what you signed up to spend. Delivering timely, smooth, budget-friendly, and stress-free kitchen resurfacing is what we do best.

Renovating a kitchen can be quite expensive. However, if your kitchen has a good structure and in good condition, then resurfacing it with polyurethane paint is all that it needs to make it modern again at a fraction of the renovation cost. We can match to any Dulux colour and a wide range of brands, and we deliver four (4) different finishes from matte to satin to semi-gloss to high gloss using an Australian polyurethane paint. Our team has over 20 years of experience in spray painting kitchens. They are highly trained and will deliver an excellent finish in the spray booth and on-site. While being very careful on-site and working in a respectful, professional and clean manner, protecting your property while they are working.

Here at Perfect Bathroom & Kitchen, you can transform your kitchen to suit your lifestyle and day-to-day needs while staying true to your personality, attitude, design preferences, and budget requirements. We will help you achieve the look, style, and feel you want for your kitchen. Whether you need kitchen cabinet resurfacing or complete kitchen refacing in Sydney, you are guaranteed top-tier workmanship and service at prices you can afford. This is your Perfect Bathroom & Kitchen guarantee! But you don’t have to take our word for it. All you have to do is ask the multitude of property owners, managers, interior designers, and builders as well as real estate agents who choose us to provide them with affordable premium quality kitchen resurfacing in Sydney.

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Give your outdated kitchen cabinets a fresher look and feel while preventing fully dismantling them and paying for expensive material replacements and labour for reinstallation. Resurface your kitchen cabinets with high-quality materials by spray painting them with the colour and finish of your choice to get the look and feel you have always desired.


Replace all kitchen cabinet doors and panels that are beyond repair and resurfacing by getting our cost-effective kitchen refacing in Sydney. You can have a completely new design and style for your kitchen by taking out all the old doors and panels and installing new ones with a wide range of options available from laminate to polyurethane doors and panels.

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Let us show you how our highly effective and budget-friendly solutions will transform your spaces to achieve the look, style, and feel you have always wanted for your home and business.

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What We Do


Pick Up

The first step is our team will come to your home and pick up all the doors and drawers and take them to our spray booth where they will be cleaned, sanded, patched, primed, and top coated with the colour and finish of your choice.


Once all the doors and drawers are ready, our friendly team will contact you to arrange an on-site day to spray paint all the panels. A very thorough masking will be done to protect all areas that are not being spray painted. The same preparation will be done to the panels before spraying them with the same colour and finish of your choice.

Unmask & Install

After the panels have been spray painted with the final colour and finish, the team will start unmasking the kitchen and installing back all the doors and drawers with the handles, then clean up the area, and leave you with your transformed kitchen.