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Perfect Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing

We are a family owned business located in NSW. We strive to provide the best results to all our clients, in terms of work quality and overall service. Our team of professionals is fully qualified and equipped to carry out any resurfacing or renovation job with quality and precision. At the same time they are customer friendly and always willing to help. They take all the necessary precautions to avoid damage to your surroundings and meticulously execute the job.

Perfect Bathroom Kitchen Resurfacing are the leading consultants in all facets of resurfacing, with many years of professional resurfacing experience, we offer resurfacing solutions in NSW by providing you with superior quality advice with optimum results to suit your budget.

Would you love to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, but feel daunted by the huge cost and hassle?

You don’t need to all you need to do is contact us today at Perfect bathroom Kitchen the one stop shop, we are here to provide any solution for your need, you’ll have little inconvenience, and get a great new look for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.   We provide a kitchenbathroom and commercial resurfacing service which is:

Cost Effective

Your existing kitchen and bathroom surfaces are resurfaced to provide an inexpensive and simple way to make dramatic improvements immediately. Some of our clients have saved thousands of dollars.

Time Saving

Most of the resurfacing is applied onsite by our professionals to save you from having to do without your kitchen or bathroom for more than two or three days, and is a convenient method of updating your existing kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

A Proven Solution

Our process gives you instant improvements to your existing surfaces, and the finished results are guaranteed. Our system is designed to chemically bond onto any hard substrate, such as benchtops, cupboard doors, drawers, tiles, baths, vanity units, shower linings, internal doors – in fact, almost any interior surface. You’ll find our work in places like:

  • Residential homes
  • Motels
  • Offices
  • Retirement villages
  • Shops
  • Schools



If you’re remotely thinking about resurfacing your kitchen, look no further. After an entire year of procrastinating about it, we finally took the plunge and couldn’t be happier with the results Lily, Joey and Sarah delivered. We came to this totally skeptical, thinking it would turn out poo poo, but with the proper 2-pac finish, it looks like a brand new kitchen. I gotta let you know, I am insanely pedantic. I asked the guys a million questions before they started, and they answered every single one. They explained the process and what to expect. They basically removed every barrier I had so I had no reason not to proceed with them (which other providers did not do). They even let me do a test run on one end panel to see what the finish would look like. There were a few problems once they finished which they addressed promptly and without hesitation. And if I’m honest, that again was me being pedantic – as most people probably would’ve been fine with them. They basically take all the doors and end panels offsite to spray in a spray booth, then they spray the remaining panels and insides of the cabinets in-situ (onsite). With the ones sprayed onsite, I thought there would be some tell-tale signs, but there’s not. The total cost was about a quarter of what a new kitchen would’ve cost us (minus the upheaval and headaches). Sure, it smelt for a day or 2, and we had to leave the house while they did it, but it was nothing like the inconvenience of a new kitchen. These guys specialise in this only, and 5 star Google reviews I read a few months ago helped seal the deal for me – so I’m paying it forward to the next people considering this as a reno move.

Call Perfection Kitchen Resurfacing and DO IT!

It’s so worth it. 🙂

Matthew Preston DIP FS (Finance | Mortgage Broking)


Perfect Kitchen Resurfacing

Perfect Kitchen Resurfacing
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