6 Tips For An Affordable Facelift For Your Kitchen

refurbished kitchen cabinets

Kitchens are very hard-working spaces, are exposed to heavy use, steam, grease, water, and food, and drink spills. This makes them more prone to damage and early deterioration. If you feel that your kitchen is looking dull and drab and requires a facelift, you can renovate your kitchen on a budget. All it takes is some skill, planning, research, creativity, and commitment.

Kitchen Renovation Tips 

Here are some simple kitchen renovation tips that will not burn a hole in your pocket, yet give you a space that is cheery, practical, and easy to maintain:

1. Refurbish old cabinets

While it can be quite tempting to replace your cabinets entirely during a remodel, these become quite an expensive feature in your kitchen. If the cabinets are in a good condition overall, there might be no need to replace them. You can easily update their appearance by changing the hardware, or adding new colours and textures to the existing structures. If you have available space, you can add some cabinets to the existing ones for additional storage and it creates an illusion of height.

2. Create a Unique Look

If you wonder how you can incorporate new features into an older kitchen, it is entirely possible. Some vintage installations that you really like and still work well can be retained while you add some new decorating styles or themes that complement the existing décor. Match patterns textures and colours or even use contrasting design concepts. Sometimes, retro features go amazingly well with modernistic designs.

3. Add colourful appliances

If you want to change the colour theme of your kitchen without really repainting the walls, replacing the tiles or cabinet colours include colourful kitchen appliances to add a pop of colour to the room.

4. Maintain the layout

Altering the layout of a kitchen can be an expensive proposition. This is because it would mean that you have to move the electrical points as well as plumbing to where you place your electrical appliances are dishwashers etc.

5. Make Small Additions

Sometimes, you can make simple and quick changes to the space by adding or removing a kitchen island, adding a backsplash, or including a small informal dining area. These changes can give your kitchen an uplift without any major expenses or hassles.

6. Kitchen Resurfacing

If you feel your kitchen is not looking bright and new, you can opt for resurfacing. This is a simple yet effective way of altering the look of your kitchen without excessive expenses. It is one of the simplest and most straightforward way of getting your fixed panels, cabinets, drawers revamped.

Sydney kitchen resurfacing is available in various colours so that you can create the look you want. Damaged surfaces such as ages, cracks, and chips can be repaired and the panels will be encapsulated entirely, which gives you a seamless, smooth and watertight finish that is very easy to maintain. You can even resurface tiles, fridges dishwasher fronts and range hoods.