Pre-Selling Property: How You Can Benefit From Bathroom Resurfacing

A fresh start is usually symbolized as your start entering a new year. You finally found a new place for you and your family to settle in. However, when you are selling your property, you may be thinking of how much you should or would get from your potential house buyer. Resurfacing your bathroom tiles can be a great small project that you can do to increase the value of your home. If you decide to have it done yourself, then it’s a good idea to call in a professional as they’ll have the right expertise to do so. The following are five benefits you can reap from bathroom tiles resurfacing when you are thinking to sell your house:

Increases the value of the property.


Considering the property market going down in price and value, selling has grown to become amongst the biggest challenges for real estates. With the bathroom looking out-of-date will likely not help the sale of the house. Buyers are thinking of buying within a budget without the need to spend thousands of dollars on makeovers. Once they discover an outdated bathroom, it is a factor to walk away from a potential property and seek out one with a modern style without the need to put money into renovations. Resurfacing will provide your bathroom a contemporary look and will draw in potential customers.


Time & Cost effective


Resurfacing is seventy-five less expensive than the full renovation, which range from a minimum of $12,500 all the way up to $35,000 depending upon the dimensions and what requires to be completed, you could even have additional unanticipated expenses. Resurfacing your bathroom when compared with a complete renovation is cost-efficient and a faster way to accomplish a modern look. Having a bathtub replacement requires many man-hours taking out and placing in the new bathtub. There is plumbing work to take into account as well as the appearance. Bathtub resurfacing, on the other hand, takes less than a day to perform the job


Return on investment


With a lot to accomplish and minimal time left prior to your property hitting the market, resurfacing your bathrooms can minimize time and expenses. One of the mistakes an owner can make with selling their property is investing in too much money for re-tiling or renovating, accepting the risk of the cost not getting returned. Resurfacing can reduce this particular risks and give value to your property.


Making your property standout.


A touch of color to your tiles is enough to transform a place. It is going to give that fantastic factor, and make it stand out from other properties, bringing in potential buyers. There is zero need to have stained, dull as well as ineffective features ruin your bathroom’s elegance. Your aged sink, vanity, and even counters can be resurfaced with a shining new finish. In addition, you can save a lot more money for the replacement cost. You are certain to get the exact same result as you would with new fixtures without having to pay more


Eliminate any imperfections.


Dirty and mouldy grout lines between tiles in the bathroom and not to mention all the holes, cracks and discolored tiles can turn away potential buyers. Resurfacing can offer a clean surface, hiding away all the imperfections, and giving it a new look.


Want that wow factor without spending thousands of dollars? Let a professional like Perfect Bathroom Kitchen to complete your bathroom resurfacing. Dirty and decaying grout lines between tiles are certainly not a treat for your eyes in bathrooms. Call us on 1800 931 813 for free quote