Can You Spray Kitchen Doors?

It is usually your kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts that lead the way when it comes to setting the style. By simply respraying your kitchen doors, you can be amazed at how a simple change can be stunning. While full kitchen remodels get all the glory, there are times where the simplest fix is the most obvious one in an outdated design. Perhaps the previous home owners’ countertops are high-quality quartz but the cabinets are outdated. There are times where a full kitchen remodel would be awesome, but you simply do not have the budget available for that. In this case, a phased respray approach can be a frugal way to improve a kitchen on a budget, enjoying its transformation year-by-year.


You can respray your kitchen doors and leave everything else the same. Since the cabinets comprise the largest amount of visual square footage in the kitchen, they are the best place to start. Respraying cabinet doors provides an instant kitchen facelift. Not convinced? You can browse the internet and see many images of stunning kitchen transformations that are accomplished only by respraying the kitchen doors.

Kitchen door respray may be all you need to do in order to live in a kitchen you love. Otherwise, you may have all that it takes to upgrade your light fixtures or add a fresh coat of paint to make sure your cabinets do not outshine the rest of the kitchen’s fixtures and finishes. In any case, here are the steps required to respray your cabinet doors:

Schedule a Consultation

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with a company who excels at cabinet also known as resurfacing or respraying.

Match the Kitchen Doors

Of course, the biggest challenge will be matching the right colors This is another reason a consultation is key. A representative will need to bring a selection wide range of colors to choose from. White cabinets are the way to go making the space look brighter and bigger.

Consider Making Hardware Changes

As long as you’re springing for new kitchen doors, why not go for the hardware as well? This can feel like a two-for-one since hardware makes an impact on your overall design. If you’ve had cabinet doors without hardware, or your hardware is outdated, the combination of brand new resprays doors and drawer pulls and knobs that align with your design tastes will make a remarkable difference.

If you think all your kitchen needs is a respray/resurfacing, you can work together with a professional to find the perfect match.