5 Benefits of Bathroom Resurfacing Before Selling Your Property

1. Increases the value of the property.

With the property market dropping in value and price, selling has become one of the greatest challenges for real estates. Having the bathroom looking outdated will not help the sale of the house.

Buyers are looking to buy within a budget without having to spend thousand of dollars on renovations. When they see an outdated bathroom it’s a reason to walk away from a potential property and search for one with a modern look without having to spend money on renovations.

Resurfacing will give your bathroom a modern look and will attract potential buyers. The more buyers you have inspecting your property, the more likely you’ll sell for the right price in this current competitive market.

2. Time & Cost effective

Bathroom resurfacing is 75% cheaper than a full renovation, ranging from a min of $12,500 up to $35,000 depending on the size and what needs to be done, you may even have extra unexpected costs.

Resurfacing your bathroom compared to a full renovation is cost effective and a quicker way to achieve a modern look.

3.  Return on investment

With so much to do and little time left before your property hits the market, resurfacing a bathroom can reduce time and expenditure. One of the mistakes an owner can make with selling their property is spending to much money on re-tiling or renovating, taking the risk of the cost not being returned. Resurfacing can cut this risks and bring value to your property.

4.  Making your property standout.

A touch of color to your tiles is enough to transform a place. It will give that wow factor, and make it stand out from other properties, attracting potential buyers.

5.  Get rid if any imperfections.

Dirty and mouldy gout lines between tiles in the bathroom and not to mention all the holes, cracks and discolored tiles can turn away potential buyers. Resurfacing can offer a clean surface, hiding away all the imperfections, and giving it a new look.

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